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Rayong Travel Information
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Rayong Travel Information

Rayong is located in the east coast of Thailand on the northern shoreline of the Gulf of Thailand, some 179 kilometres from Bangkok.

Rayong has an extensive coastline stretching for approximately 100 kilometres, is some 3,552 square kilometres in area, and is divided into 6 administrative districts. To the north and west it is bordered by the province of Chonburi, east by Chanthaburi Province and south by the Gulf of Thailand. The total population of the province is about 437,552 persons.

In general the geography of Rayong is marked by a series of mountains interspersed by flat plains and large tracts of land under forest, rubber and fruit plantation. Offshore there are many islands which are wellknown by the tourist, such as Ko Samet and Ko Man.

Rayong was mentioned in the Thai history during the late Ayuttaya period, when the former capital was razed to the ground by the invading Burmese. At this time Phaya Tak, later to become King Taksin of Thonburi, led a band of patriots and broke out through the cordon of besieging troops who had surrounded the capital. He then made the cast stopping in Rayong to build up his navy before proceeding on to Chantaburi. Because of his courage and bravery, the soldiers and local population appointed him as "King" in Rayong. Once he had built up sufficient troop strength, Phaya Taksin returned to Ayuttaya and routed the Burmese and set up a new capital in Thonburi.

Rayong is blessed with its abundance of nature beauty, It has a well deserved reputation for producing seafood poducts such as shrimp paste, fish sauce and dried seafoods, and tropical fruits of which Rambutan, Mangosteen and Durian are the most famous. The climate is tropical, generally warm and humid with abundant rainfall, average temperature is around 28 C. The best months are November through February.


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Rayong Travel Information and Travel Guide
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